IBM InfoSphere Optim


Did you know that database servers are among the primary sources of breached data? These servers don’t just help run your business - they are your business. And every year, they grow in size and complexity - making them harder to manage with service level agreement requirements and increased maintenance costs. To protect against rogue insiders and external attacks, especially in an era of high data volume, variety, and velocity, you need an approach to secure both structured and unstructured data.


IBM InfoSphere Optim solutions for data security and privacy protect enterprise data enabling organizations to safeguard structured/unstructured data in production/nonproduction environments. InfoSphere solutions provide a complete approach for big data environments, leading the market for data security and privacy with these unique capabilities:


  • Automatic discovery, classification and protection of sensitive big data in a wide variety of formats across all leading big data systems
  • Real-time threat alerts and analysis of security policy violations, at big data speed
  • Data masking everywhere, in context and on demand--without performance impact or application changes
  • Built-in compliance workflow, remediation suggestions and data security best practices
  • Security and privacy policy management from one central location, no matter the number of data sources
  • Integration of security into other IT systems such as ticketing systems and custom or packaged applications

InfoSphere Optim is part of an overall Information Integration and Governance strategy. IBM industry leadership gives our clients access to the latest technology. For the past four decades, IBM core processor and operating systems have maintained a track record of leadership. IBM has been one of the world's leading '' with an unrivaled investment in research and development" — a heritage on which they continue to build. For more information on IBM InfoSphere Optim, visit


Services Snapshot

    Enterprise Data Security
  • Privileged User and Sensitive Data Monitoring
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Health Checks
  • Guardium Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • Managed Services
  • Guardium Database Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • IBM Authorized Training
  • IBM Security Guardium
  • InfoSphere Optim