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As security threats become more sophisticated, businesses need to be increasingly proactive in their security efforts. The experts at Information Insights can help your business develop a security strategy to minimize threats, reduce risks, optimize existing environments and capitalize on new technologies. Poised as a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, Information Insights has a team of certified, experienced sales and technical consultants that are dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions for data management.


Enterprise Data Security

Data in motion and data at rest - both have unique requirements for security. Whether in production applications or during test and development, all companies have a need to protect their valuable data while remaining compliant. Our data security services include:

  • Privileged User and Sensitive Data Monitoring: Privileged users, such as System and Network Administrators, have a higher level of access to sensative enterprise data and the authority to bypass certain security protocols as part of their daily responsibilities. To monitor the privileged user is a complicated and delicate task for any organization, because the privailedged users are relied on for the smooth functioning of the entire network. To ensure compliance and reduce the risk of insider threats, organizations need the capability to monitor activity, track and identify data access and prove compliance through reporting.
  • Data Encryption: To protect private and confidential information, security teams are increasingly using encryption to improve their defense-in-depth controls around these data assets and comply with regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, as well as US state data protection laws. Information Insights has experience helping clients understand and implement data encryption to mitigate these risks.
  • Data Masking: In today’s information economy, data can be your organization’s most valuable asset — but with the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing and an exponentially growing volume of digital information, keeping that data secure also becomes one of your greatest challenges. Our team of experts can assess your data governance risk and advise on how to operationalize privacy practices and security controls.
Health Checks

Maintaining an effective security program requires on-going diligence. Information Insights' team of Guardium experts will work with you on a scheduled basis to ensure your Guardium infrastructure is optimized to meet your requirements. Upgrades, best practices and functional gap analysis are all key components of a health check service offering. Our current Health Check offerings include:

  • Guardium Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
Managed Services

Solving existing security issues, maintaining security and networking devices and keeping technologies updated all while reacting to threats and the need to improve continuously can be an exhausting challenge for companies of all sizes. Information Insights managed services provide experienced administration in the following areas:

  • Guardium Database Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption

IBM Authorized Training

Training is an essential part of our clients' success. There's little room for tools and skills of the past when it comes to future technologies. IBM regularly upgrades software and hardware tools in the workplace, therefore your skill set requires the same attention and upkeep. As an authorized reseller for IBM Security Guardium and Optim training classes, Information Insights provides the knowledge to help their clients achieve the skills and expertise to take their technology solutions to the next level,


Services Snapshot

    Enterprise Data Security
  • Privileged User and Sensitive Data Monitoring
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Health Checks
  • Guardium Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • Managed Services
  • Guardium Database Activity Monitoring
  • Guardium Data Encryption
  • IBM Authorized Training
  • IBM Security Guardium
  • InfoSphere Optim